Ready to join the elite?

We continually seek out talented, experienced and motivated professionals.

Take control

Working for Exagenica you will have the opportunity to take ownership of your role and make it your own. Exagenica is a liberal, lateral thinking company that understands that formality does not always mean results. The Exagenica culture is one of expression. We believe that all our employees should be free to articulate their thoughts and contribute directly to the success of the organisation. Unlike other big organisations, we've opted for a flat hierarchy were dialogue is possible between any member of staff - regardless of their role.

Think international

With clients all over the globe, Exagenica consultants get the chance to travel to interesting international locations on assignment. For larger engagements we offer our consultants and engineerings relocation opportunities. Providing an opportunity to truly explore the countries that our clients reside in and immerse oneself in their culture. We are regularly looking for subject matter experts to join the Exagenica team on long term foreign engagements. So, if it’s the world you want to see we can certainly assist you in doing so professionally.

Work Hard, Play Hard

While we service corporate clients we don't consider ourselves corporate in mentality. We actively encourage a social working environment that enables innovation and open communication between all members of the organisation. Our philosophy is very much work hard, play hard and enjoy everything you do. Because we understand the importance of enjoyment in the workplace and how being stimulated influences the quality of what we deliver. Working with us is definitely less of a career and more of a lifestyle choice.

Elite Membership

Exagenica prides itself on engaging with the brightest and best in their field. We are continually searching for skilled and experienced people to join our elite consultancy. Actively seeking out innovative and creative individuals with whom to form long term career partnerships. Each Exagenica employee has been chosen for their strong work ethic, delivery focus and desire to be the best at what they do. We consider them to either be elite in their respective technical fields or to have the potential to become a member of that elite.

Big challenge. Big personality.

Although we are a technology company, we don’t want our people to be like robots. Instead we prefer people with personalities who are able to communicate with our clients. Both on a professional and social level. Character shouldn’t just be reserved for the weekend. It’s something that should feature in everything we do in a big way and its an area, that we as a company place great importance in. After all, it’s our personalities that separate us as individuals and that’s also what differentiates us as a global technology company.

Reap the rewards

We think that as success of the company is driven by our employees, it’s those same employees who should benefit from the company’s success. In addition to above market salaries, our profit sharing scheme means that employees enjoy strong bonuses directly linked to Exagenica’s performance. We also believe your time with us should be an opportunity to grow in all areas of life. Not just professonally. As a member of our team you'll be given the opportunity to grow through regular training and personal development.