Release Management

Automated delivery mechanisms for applications.

The ability to command and control deployment of code safely can mean the difference between the success and failure of any application programme.

The way that applications are deployed into environments by enterprises has changed dramatically over the last decade. Companies have increasingly looked to leverage automated delivery systems to ensure that applications reach their targets efficiently and without causing production issues. Once a decision has been made about the adoption of an application technology business users naturally want the application to be installed immediately so that they can take advantage of its functionality. However the reality of releasing an application into your organisations production environment is that a considerable amount of development, testing and packaging must first occur to ensure releases don't cause production issues.

Driven by the business need to deliver applications quickly while also protecting the production environment, additional multiple environments to develop and test in have become common place. In addition to production and DR environments, the tendency to have a considerable number of development and test environments has made it common place for large enterprises to reach double digits when it comes to the number of environments they have. To manage each of these environments takes a small army of resources however companies have increasingly adopted this model to ensure that their code is being tested and released consistently throughout.

Even with scripted procedures the deployment of code can be a very manual task. In complex environments the chance of getting your scripted deployment wrong are extremely high as scripts are run out of sequence, someone mistypes a command or an error message is not understood and acted upon appropriately. The development and maintenance of release code is in itself a very time consuming process which increases the cost of any application deployment as normally the code is not reusable because it's specifically tailored to meet the needs of a single release. The outcome of this release management approach is that a company must either adopt an operating model that has a centralized release team or that each programme of work hires their own individuals to carry out this task.

Release Management is a complex operational requirement that to be effective must have the correct mix of art and technology. Exagenica is an industry leader in the provision of release management solutions and consulting services helping enterprises to overcome the significant challenges of deploying applications. We bring deep industry experience and leverage only the most effective technology solutions to guide our clients in establishing comprehensive release management infrastructures and processes which ensure their application releases are efficient, cost effective and problem free.