Oil & Gas


Since the beginning of the modern age of oil and gas, technology has played an integral role in supporting the efficient production of hydrocarbons.

Producers leverage complex and powerful technologies across the production lifecycle from the exploration and discovery of oil and gas right through to their trade as commodities and delivery to end consumers. Such technology dependence requires a specialist technical expertise in order to construct the necessary infrastructure and employ the correct toolsets which achieve operational efficiency as an oil or gas producer. Exagenica is a leader in the provision of technology services to clients operating in the Oil and Gas industry. Our global experience in this arena and best-in-class portfolio of technology offerings is leveraged by many oil and gas companies to achieve their technology goals. We assist producers in meeting the worlds increasing demands for oil and gas through a comprehensive portfolio of technology service and solution offerings. In addition to our extensive oil and gas industry experience we have also provided solutions for companies operating in complementary industries such as freight and logistics, natural resources and chemicals giving us great insight into the operational needs of the oil and gas industry.

Maximise Exploration and Discovery

Oil and gas science has evolved from rudimentary geology to elaborate supercomputer based calculations and 3D views of the sub-surface. Exploration and production companies are heavily dependent on technology toolsets which they use to manage complex explorations and convert the immense data generated during searches into oil and gas producing sources. As the scarcity of oil and gas increases along with its global demand, it is advancing technology that has so far enabled producers to stay ahead of the demand curve. Exagenica has successfully provided oil and gas producers with the direction and infrastructure they need to establish effective exploration and discovery mechanisms on a global scale. We have helped our clients leverage powerful technological solutions to find new oil deposits all over the world and unlock the full value of their assets.

Efficient Upstream Operations

Companies are under continual pressure to drive higher production reliability, productivity and performance while managing growing demands in a safe and sustainable manner. In a competitive operating environment, Exagenica can help your company improve its oil and gas operations planning and upstream operational performance using its portfolio of integrated asset and plant operations services and solutions. We help oil and gas companies to manage the lifecycle of their oilfield operations digitally using advanced analytics and intelligence tools to help monitor and predict plant performance and equipment health. Using key performance indicator (KPI) visualization platforms we are able to create a unified view of upstream operations so that our clients are able to control all the necessary activities from maintenance to planned shutdowns reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.

Global Communications

Oil and Gas organisations require presences wherever their natural resources occur in the world meaning communication is often a challenge. Remote locations and the often considerable distances between production sites, logistics centres and management are overcome using powerful strategic communication technologies which enable the necessary information exchange. Exagenica helps it oil and gas clients to establish the necessary communication infrastructures leveraging the most appropriate technologies to allow collaboration and communication regardless of where on the globe each member of their team is located.

Downstream Without the Risk

In a marketplace where political instability and seasonality can make planning extremely difficult, companies are faced with a plethora of downstream operational challenges in their efforts to refine petroleum and market their inventories. Oil and Gas companies involved in downstream activities require the right technological platform on which to effectively control refinery operations and supply chain logistics in a way that maximises their revenue streams. Exagenica has extensive experience assisting its clients in implementing comprehensive downstream technology solutions which enable them to gain control of refining operations and improve commercial profits, all while managing the inherent risks of supply disruptions.