Healthcare as an industry is a complex mix of stakeholders who together provide patients with the medical attention and care they need.

Industry participants range from private healthcare providers, payers and insurance companies through to governments, medical equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical makers. Healthcare providers whether private or public institutions, are faced with not only the challenge of providing patients with the best possible medical care but with doing it in an economically efficient or profitable manner. As healthcare industry companies and organisations wade through economic, regulatory and political uncertainty they are increasingly forced to rethink their business models and think laterally about their approach to competition, cooperation and collaboration. Technology is playing an increasing role in the provision of healthcare at all levels from the innovative equipment that is used in diagnosis through to the creation of new medications and the way that patients records are kept and shared. From electronic record keeping to collaborative patient care and advanced digital imaging, healthcare is being delivered more effectively with the use of technology. Exagenica brings healthcare industry experience and innovative technological solutions to help our clients address key industry problems and improve the overall level of care that patients receive.

Improved Quality of Care

The quality of patient care understandably comes first in the health care industry and the advances in technology that have taken place in recent years have bought about a veritable metamorphosis in the way care is now administered to patients. Doctors are now able to provide more accurate diagnoses using innovative diagnostic equipment. Surgery has been in many cases revolutionised by new procedures which are facilitated by everything from surgical camera’s to improved pacemakers that mimic the function of the human heart more effectively. Patient care has entered the digital age and technology will continue to improve the quality of the medical attention patients receive. However recent pressure to reduce public healthcare costs have forced providers to demonstrate that they are delivering better value using new performance and value-based metrics. Exagenica assists companies and public sector organisations in the healthcare industry to improve patient outcomes while adhering to greater regulation and maintaining quality of service.

Greater Operational Efficiency

The need to work together to create efficient flexible health care systems which improve the affordability of healthcare while minimising costs at the same time is not a particularly new concept. However achieving such operational efficiencies has proved difficult both for public providers of health services whose emphasis is on keeping costs down and for private companies whose focus has traditionally been maintaining profitability and a high level of patient care. The future of healthcare is most certainly a digital one. The adoption of new technological solutions by each and every member of the healthcare industry has already bought about extremely positive changes. What where once operational inefficiencies like patient record management have been digitised to enables a patient’s information to be shared securely throughout the national healthcare systems. Such changes have not only bought about improved health care outcomes for patients but they have also made health care more economical and efficient. Exagenica is a leader in the provision of healthcare industry services and solutions which aid companies and organisations in all sectors to achieve greater operational efficiency.