Gytpol Validator: endpoint protection on another level.

Providing enterprises with a long-overdue solution to endpoint incursions.

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Providing the direction that enables transformation.

Our consultancy services realise a platform for technological advancement.

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Enabling enterprises to maintain their focus.

Find out how our managed technology services allow you to concentrate.

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Technological innovation for global water security.

Exagenica Research is working towards alleviating issues of water scarcity.

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About Us

Exagenica is a group of technology companies specialising in innovation engineering, consultancy services and managed technology provision. We provide technology services to enterprises operating across a broad spectrum of industries.


Protecting Privilege: Identity and Access Management

Enterprises are not only faced with the existential threat of hackers targeting their businesses but also the challenge of complying with global data protection...


Our R & D interests span the length and breadth of traditional and high technology innovation and product development.

Realising the Future