Technology Procurement

Procurement of technology need not be a burden.

Our team of procurement specialists and streamlined ordering processes give organisations a cost effective mechanism for sourcing IT assets.

Technology procurement plays an important role in the operations of any enterprise with the delivery of most services internal and external dependent on IT resources ranging from complex server hardware to the applications run on desktops to achieve the desired function. Virtually everything in the modern business environment utilises technology in some way shape or form. As technology advances this dependence will continue to increase.

Companies now spend considerably more on technology than they did 20 years ago. As more and more businesses embrace the power of technology they are also realising the importance of procurement in achieving their technology objectives. The ability to leverage an efficient and effective technology procurement team can make a dramatic difference to the operations of any business both functionally and financially. In todays economically sensitive climate IT budgets are under intense scrutiny as companies actively seek out ways to cut capital expenditure meaning that technology purchasing decisions must be right first time, every time.

The procurement of IT assets like hardware or software licenses can be a considerably involved process that requires the correct expertise in order to achieve maximum return on investment. This is particularly so for large enterprises where procurement is a continual initiative and is done on a larger scale with potentially greater ramifications should the wrong asset be procured.

Procurement is a specialist area in which very few companies have the necessary time to invest to make their procurement strategy and management processes effective. Exagenica removes the need to put thought into the procurement of technology assets by providing a comprehensive procurement platform which covers most areas of technology from software licensing through to enterprise IT hardware. We offer clients the ability to delegate their procurement needs to Exagenica and take advantage of expert technical knowledge and strong relationships with top industry vendors maximising value for money in technology procurement.