Your application development partner.

In a world where organisations are so dependent on technology your application suite is integral to the way in which you do business.

Bespoke applications give organisations the ability to address shortfalls in their business process and differentiate themselves in the market place. As technology has progressed, what were once complex manual processes have been eliminated by software. However, the extent to which such processes can be automated has traditionally been determined by the applications available on the market. Such dependence leaves little room for companies to distinguish themselves from their competition. The development of bespoke applications empowers businesses by allowing them to address existing manual processes or performing complex functions which differentiate themselves from their competitors and achieve tangible cost reductions or improvements in business effectiveness.

As a provider of high technology Exagenica is able to meet your organisations application development needs, regardless of the industry you operate in or the scale of your requirement. Our application development consultants are skilled in a wide range of architectures, technologies and platforms and have successfully developed complex applications for our clients ranging in size right through to global enterprise.

Bespoke Development

Staying ahead of the competition or taking advantage of opportunities that have arisen in the market place can require specialist functionality that may not exist in 'off the shelf' software offerings. Enterprises are recognising more and more that in order to remain competitive they require applications that perform business functions specific to their requirements and not just of all those operating in their particularly industry. Off the shelf software providers are traditionally slow to react to the evolving needs of clients meaning that by the time it has been made available, your competitors are leveraging the same functionality thereby leaving little competitive advantage.

Exagenica provides bespoke application development services both Web-based and Multi-Tier for organisations looking to construct feature-rich applications to their specification. Our development team are expertly versed in an array of technologies which as a client gives you flexibility on achieving your functional goals. The Exagenica application development service offering spans the full application development lifecycle including requirements definition, design, development, testing and deployment. Exagenica consultants work collaboratively with our clients to accurately define their functional requirements and design applications using industry standard best practices. Once developed we work with our clients to conduct the necessary testing and are also able to provide assistance in aligning business processes and the deployment of the application to end users.

Application Enhancements

Off the shelf software may perform most of the functions you desire as a business, but often it is the functions that it does not perform which cause the most frustration and impact your ability to outperform your competitors. This is something that is widely recognised by most proprietary software developers who enable their applications to be enhanced through the use of their API frameworks. Exagenica provides an application enhancement service for organisations looking to improve upon their existing propriety applications and address shortfalls in their 'off the shelf' functionality. Whether you are looking to extend the functionality of an existing application or integrate it with other applications in your environment, Exagenica has the experience to help you realise your enhancements.

Legacy Applications

Companies invest a significant amount of time in developing business processes around their existing applications and training their staff to use them. Although they may not perform every function necessary, the time and effort involved in implementing replacement application suites may not be deemed an effective option. This has led to an increase in the number of what are commonly referred to as 'legacy' applications. Exagenica is a specialist in both extending the capabilities of legacy applications through programmatic enhancements and the integration of legacy applications with more modern application architectures. Using a variety of development options Exagenica can extend the life of legacy applications, improve on their functionality or enable their functionality to be leveraged by other applications in your application suite.