Return to concentrating on your core business activities.

Whether you are looking to delegate entirely or prefer to supplement your existing IT, Exagenicas' managed technology services give you flexibility, reliability and optimal performance.

Exagenica is a leader in managed technology services and through its componentised suite of service offerings - organisations are able to leverage premium technology infrastructures without the management overhead or the capital outlay. Our managed service offerings have enabled organisations of all sizes to successfully realise their technology goals while focusing on their own business operations.

We possess a robust, highly secure infrastructure that underpins all our service offerings and which is comprised of industry standard technologies configured for maximum uptime and responsiveness. All of the managed technology services that we offer are scalable to meet the individual infrastructure needs of our clients and are fully supported by a team of technical experts who have years of experience in technology provision. Regardless of your technology requirements Exagenicas' collection of managed technology services can power your business towards success.



I prefer to own the physical hardware that we use as a company

All Exagenica managed services are provided with the option of owning the underlying IT assets

I want to retain all data ownership

Data remains the property of the clients regardless of managed service being used

I need to ensure security for my clients and in line with regulatory commitments

We employ 3rd party security experts to certify our solutions are secure

The systems we use must be highly available

We employ N+1 redundant architectures to enable failover without service disruptions

I want to scale my services dynamically to changes in market conditions

Our managed service offerings are structured to enable dynamic scalability and ease