Move Management Services

Its just a simple matter of geography.

Physically moving staff can cause significant disruption to an organisations productivity and requires expertise to ensure transition is seamless.

Modern day business demands agility in every aspect of a company’s operations. Including that of its geography. Organisations are continually faced with the need to relocate key staff or in many cases entire offices in order to realise operational efficiencies and achieve cost savings. Whether it be as a result of company growth, mergers, acquisitions or simply the need to use existing office space more efficiently move management is a necessary part of business today.

While moving staff from one desk to another in theory sounds like a fairly simple task in practice it is something that can cause great business disruption and if executed incorrectly can lead to an unnecessary loss of productivity or adverse affects to your business. Moving staff particularly in great numbers can also place a significant overhead on an organisations resources which could otherwise be deployed to more critical business activities.

Exagenicas move management services help organisations manage all of their relocation needs from the underlying technological requirements through to the logistics of physically moving the desks, chairs and office equipment. Our skilled team of move management experts are available to assist organisations from large multinational companies and professional partnerships and government departments plan and manage relocations and workplace transition programmes in their entirety. Our move management specialists are also available to supplement your existing resources on any relocation initiatives.

Each of our move management specialists has thorough experience in delivering relocation services for clients across all industries with the necessary backgrounds in programme management, technology and logistics. The result is a seamless move management service for organisations to leverage in a climate where delay in relocating can have serious repercussions.