Application Services

A best practice approach to optimising application estates.

Enterprises are commonly a complex mix of distinct application architectures, each performing differing business and operational functions.

Having the correctly integrated mix of applications configured architecturally to maximise performance is an important asset for companies and a challenge by which CIO’s are continually faced with as vendors release new products and improvements to existing ones. In a quest to stay ahead of the technology curve companies are continually re-evaluating their application estates and they way in which their enterprises use individual applications from complex.

Making application changes across your entire enterprise estate whether in the form of upgrades or new implementations can be an extremely complex task which requires the correct architectural expertise and industry experience. Exagenica’s application consulting services have been developed to complement our core strategy and architectural service portfolio specifically to help enterprises get the most value out of their application investments. Our skilled team of application specialists are available to assist organisations throughout the complete lifecycle of their applications from pre-sales assessment through to strategic reviews, upgrades and new application implementations. Experts in a wide array of different application technologies and backed by vendor accreditations our consultants can help your enterprise in deploying only the most appropriate application solutions to meet business demands.

Strategic Upgrade Services

New versions of applications offer potential improvements upon their previous versions which can revolutionise the way that your enterprise operates achieving a wide range of benefits from increased market share to reduced operating costs. While not all new releases warrant an upgrade from the existing version there are many which demonstrate sufficient business benefits with implementing improved version in your production environment. Exagenica’s application consultants provide companies and organisations with expert guidance on how best to upgrade their existing application solutions. Whether in the form of full programme delegation or in partnership with your in-house staff Exagenica’s talented application specialists have the expertise and experience to help your company realise the enhanced functionality and benefits of new application releases.

Implementation Services

As new application technologies emerge businesses must evaluate the potential they offer and make decisions on whether or not their implementation is a step in the right direction that can address the key business and operational challenges they are faced with. The adoption of new applications can be fraught with perils particularly if it is relatively early in the adoption lifecycle. However early adoption with the correct implementation can achieve a competitive advantage should the architectural configuration that is deployed be optimally robust. The implementation of new application architectures across your enterprise brings about a complex set of challenges particularly when it involves different global locations. Drawing on application best practice and deep software expertise Exagenica’s application consulting services assist companies in implementing new applications and solutions of all sizes ensuring that integration and performance are maximised.