Managed Technology

Allowing organisations to stay focused on their business.

Technology drives virtually every aspect of modern business. Organisations must get it right or risk falling behind their competitors.

In future years as technology advances, this dependence will undoubtedly increase for organisations meaning they now have to formulate a long term strategy for meeting their technology requirements effectively. As a CIO the technology decisions you make today impact your company's ability to do business in future years. Without the right technology platform, enterprises that were once leaders of industry could quickly become industry laggards, or worse. Managing an organisation's technology is an extremely complex operation which requires expert resources and specialist support frameworks in order to maintain a good level of service for the business users.

The costs associated with supporting a company's technology can also be significant and even with the correct amount of control and management the necessary hardware costs and licensing can really restrict your ability to compete with enterprises larger in size. Such efforts in managing the technology needs of your company can detract from the core business that you wish to focus on and place excessive demands on your already slim profit margins. For many companies, technology is an area that does not come naturally and it is something they have been forced to embrace or face falling behind their competitors. As a provider of managed technology services, Exagenica enables companies to delegate the management of their IT infrastructure and technology needs either in part or in their entirety and concentrate on their core commercial activities. Exagenica provides a suite of managed technology services that can be tailored to the individual requirements of your organisation. This can be delivered at a reduced cost and with an improved service.

The Exagenica suite of managed services covers two core areas of technology provision:

We have developed these services to give CIO's and technology decision makers' maximum flexibility in addressing the technology challenges of their organisation efficiently and cost effectively.