Business Intelligence

The far reaching potential of Big Data

Unleash the power of your data in real time to empower insightful and effective decision making throughout your organisation.

The ability to gain access to accurate, up to date information as an enterprise and use it to make decisions can mean the difference between simply surviving and thriving. Organisations hold significant amounts of data about everything ranging from their clients purchasing activities through to the financial positions they hold and the costs of their competitors. Business intelligence solutions enable you to create and manage your vast amounts of information in a simple, structured way and then leverage it to make intelligent decisions about the way you do business.

In recent years companies have moved further away from making decisions based on gut instinct as the underlying business intelligence technologies have advanced and the data they need to make informed decisions has become more easily accessible. According to Gartner ‘the market for Business Intelligence platforms will remain one of the fastest growing software markets despite sluggish economic growth’ as organisations look to Business Intelligence as a vital tool in growing their businesses. In Gartner's annual survey of CIO technology priorities, Business Intelligence remained among the top five priorities in 2010 and they expect this trend to continue as integration with existing toolsets improves.

Business Intelligence technologies have become increasingly more intuitive and user friendly removing the traditional dependence on IT resources to develop reports and provide information to non-technical business users. This has meant that enterprises are moving more and more towards providing data to end users and empowering them with the BI toolsets to model, navigate and visualize data as they require it. Integration with existing end user applications such as the Microsoft Office suite have meant that users with little training can now manipulate data in a controlled environment and produce relevant and insightful reports.

Implementing a Business Intelligence solution requires more than simply constructing a datawarehouse and applying a reporting toolset over the top of it. In order to successfully unleash the power of a Business Intelligence platform, careful thought must be given to the overall business requirements and a solution developed that not only integrates well with existing technologies, but also gives end users the ability to formulate ad-hoc reports without a dependence on technical resources. Exagenica’s skilled team of Business Intelligence specialist possesses the experience and expertise to help your organisation establish a comprehensive BI platform that serves users enterprise wide and facilitates the complete spectrum of reporting, analysis, modelling and forecasting requirements.