Market Data

Business critical market data solutions.

The provision and management of market data is a specialist field that requires the correct infrastructure, expertise and relationships.

Financial services organisations depend heavily on the quote and trade-related data associated with the equities, financial derivatives, currencies and other financial instruments that they invest in on a daily basis. Market data is not only used in real time to make dynamic decisions about investments but historical market data is also utilised to project pricing trends and to calculate market risk on portfolios making it integral to the way that financial services organisations function. In an increasingly volatile financial world it is the accuracy and speed in which companies can access market data that determines their ability to trade successfully and realise revenues.

Traditionally market data has been delivered to financial services organisations via singular feeds for delivery to proprietary applications developed by the feed vendor. However in today’s environment enterprise market data infrastructures consisting of multiple feeds are more commonly used to meet the intensive market data requirements of large investment banking institutions. Multiple market data feeds are integrated via a central market data management solution which normalises the feeds from the respective vendors and makes the data available enterprise wide for those applications that require it. It is this normalisation and availability of market data that enables applications throughout a financial services organisation to leverage market data and perform functions beyond those available in an off the shelf sense.

The ever increasing complexity of financial markets and their increased globalization means that market data as a technology is continually evolving. In addition to ever rising data volumes, market data infrastructures now need to cope with everything from complex derivatives to changing index structures and heightened regulatory requirements. All of which are placing increasing demands on market data solutions and which require specialist operational support.

Regardless of your organisations market data requirements Exagenica’s team of specialist consultants has the expertise to help you realise it. We have successfully provided financial services organisations of all sizes with the consultation and support they need to build comprehensive market data solutions on a global scale.