Insourcing Services

A strategically important option for enterprises.

Over the past decade, organisations across all industries have outsourced their IT to third party technology providers with mixed success.

It has the potential to enable companies to return their focus to core business activities. Yet despite appearing on the surface to be a more cost effective option than retaining the management of IT infrastructure, outsourcing has not always delivered the desired cost savings or efficiencies for those organisations who have attempted it. The success of an outsourced managed service arrangement depends heavily on the quality and experience of the third party supplier. Unfortunately for some organisations the service providers they have engaged with have lacked the expertise and structure required to meet their technology needs. Businesses also evolve continually, meaning that sometimes much of the rationale behind the initial outsourcing decision has become invalid and changes to the IT model must be made to support growth.

Insourcing is a trend that has gathered steam in the last 1-2 years as outsourcing agreements have come to a close and organisations have re-assessed their needs. Amongst the reasons cited by CIO's and IT decision makers for electing to insource are poor service quality, failure to meet business objectives and the need for more control over the future direction of the IT function. Changes in organisational structure such as mergers or acquisitions have also bought about an increase in the number of insourcing requirements as organisations attempt to unify their disparate technology platforms. As a technology provider we believe that each and every organisation has their own technology needs for which there is no 'one size fits' all solution to apply. We recognise that as companies grow and develop so too do their IT requirements making insourcing an important strategic option for those enterprises that have previously outsourced. Whether you are looking to insource your IT operations in their entirety or a subset of your existing technology service, Exagenica has the expertise to assist you.