Let us take the worry out of insourcing.

We recognise that insourcing a company's technology, whether partially or completely requires a specialist skill set and experience.

Whether or not to insource your IT infrastructure and operations is a decision that should be deliberated carefully. The decision can be influenced by a number of factors ranging from the service quality or experience of your current outsourced provider, through to the growth rate of your organisation and the need to make dynamic changes to your technology. For those organisations that need assistance in assessing whether or not insourcing is a viable option, our team of expert consultants are available to participate in an appropriateness study and help formulate the most effective insourcing model.

We have formed a team of insourcing technical specialists who have extensive experience of insourcing IT infrastructure and operations for clients in a diverse range of industries and markets. Our suite of insourcing service offerings has been developed to give companies maximum flexibility in how they engage with Exagenica to assist them in their insourcing initiative. We offer our clients the opportunity to delegate the end to end management of their insourcing programme to our team of technology specialists. Alternatively, members of the Exagenica team are available to assist clients in all areas of insourcing ranging from design and strategy through to data centre builds, infrastructure testing, migration management and service desk deployment.


In order to insource successfully organisations are faced with the challenge of migrating complex live technology services without impacting the day to day business operations. Often due to time constraints this means migrating live services in phases over a period of months which can have significant business, technical, resource and compliance implications. The migration strategy employed during an insourcing transition is of great importance and as a provider of insourcing services we attribute much of our success in this field to the effective strategies we have developed in partnership with our clients.


Companies who choose to insource their IT must not only construct an infrastructure of identical specification to which they currently operate on via an outsourced service, but they must also build systems that will facilitate migration easily, and which will allow for organisational growth and extensibility. We believe that the success of any insourcing initiative depends heavily on the design of the technical architecture onto which an organisations' systems will be migrated. System performance and stability are all determined by their underlying technical design and it is for this reason that our skilled technical architects and consultants invest considerable time in getting the architectural design right for our clients. Our consultants undertake a comprehensive requirements study in collaboration with our clients, in order to define their technical requirements and architect a comprehensive design specification which underpins the insourcing transition.


Before live services can be migrated the underlying infrastructure on which they will operate must be built and certified as production ready. In order to achieve this certification Exagenica stresses all infrastructure components via an intensive suite of tests which concentrate on areas such as load, performance, availability, security and disaster recovery. Our stringent testing approach ensures that no IT services are migrated without any new infrastructure components having been certified as technically ready to host them.


The insourcing of IT services often requires changes to the existing IT support function. Depending on the extent of technology being insourced these changes can range in size and complexity from the addition of individual services to internal support desk remits right through to the creation of a brand new support desk function. Exagenica works in partnership with its clients to establish sufficient support functions and processes for the IT services they are insourcing, to ensure that once migrated any of the insourced services and its users are adequately supported.


To ensure the appropriate amount of rigor and direction in any insourcing initiative we allocate programme and project managers skilled in the art of insourcing. Exagenica can manage your insourcing programme in its entirety allowing clients to delegate delivery and also supplement their existing resources where necessary.

Insourcing is a technology opportunity that more and more organisations are leveraging to meet their technology requirements having previously elected for an outsourced service arrangement.