Procurement needs covered cost effectively and efficiently.

For organisations looking to minimise the management involved in procurement while getting the best price for the assets they wish to source.

Our procurement team leverages ITIL-aligned best practices to deliver a comprehensive procurement function for organisations who prefer to concentrate on their core businesses. Our simplified procurement process and extensive supplier relationships give clients access to all things technology at the best possible price.

Hardware Procurement

In today’s technologically dependent world businesses need to ensure that they source the most appropriate hardware for their organisations or risk wasting money. For larger organisation this can be somewhat easier however not all organisations have sufficient technical expertise to draw on. Many manager also believe that such resources are better used for more important functions than managing procurement making a procurement team essential if you wish to get maximum value for money as an organisation. Exagenica provides hardware procurement services for organisations looking to take the management overhead out of technology procurement by delegating this function to a third party. We are able to manage your technology procurement needs regardless of their complexity or scale.

Software License Procurement

Applications play such an important part in the day to day operations of enterprises and with proprietary software licensing continuing to be structured by vendors in ‘as confusing a way as they can possibly think of’ licensing procurement needs a specialist understanding. Exagenica provides its clients with advice on licensing options and the cost implications so that they can make informed decisions on what best suits their application needs. We have direct access to a multitude of software vendors through whom we are able to leverage our buying power and source the necessary licensing easily and cost effectively for our clients.

Build Management

The ability to delegate the build process to a third party can streamline the procurement process greatly and benefits organisations by allowing them to concentrate on their core businesses. For organisations who require pre-delivery hardware imaging or configuration Exagenica can undertake any of the build or configuration steps your enterprise requires prior to delivery. Such activities can place a large overhead on technical resources and require complex build environments with sufficient space for your new hardware to be built. We manage these services completely offsite in a secure environment meaning that clients can simply request the appropriate configuration at the time of procurement and hardware is delivered with the appropriate build and configuration.

Asset Management

As an ancillary service we give clients the option of allowing us to managing their assets in their entirety. Keeping track of assets particularly for large scale organisations can be an arduous process which requires both manpower and the correct technology. Through our Asset Management Service clients can achieve a comprehensive hardware and software management solution for the technology assets in their estate. We manage assets over their entire lifecycle and provide clients with accurate MI about their estate for decision making purposes.

License Management

Businesses are regularly audited by software vendors to ensure they have purchased sufficient number of the appropriate licenses to cover those being used within their environment. Ensuring compliance can be a strenuous process that requires the correct tools and processes to audit and manage applications licenses against those licenses held. Exagenica provides a license management service that is able to cover an organisations entire estate and ensure licenses are managed according to the needs of users while maintaining vendor compliance in a cost effective manner.


Regulations governing the disposal and recycling of unwanted devices and the associated data can be extremely intensive making compliance a difficult task for companies already faced with the demands of a competitive marketplace. Exagenica provides a secure asset recycling and disposal service for technology assets of all forms ranging from servers and mainframes to network peripherals, desktops and hard drives. All data is securely destroy via an intensive formatting process according to U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M disk-sanitizing standards to ensure that no confidential business information is ever compromised. We are able to manage the recycling or disposal of your IT assets in their entirety at an exagenica location while achieving complete compliance against your particular regulatory bodies requirements.