Componentised managed technology services provide maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Exagenica offers a suite of individual, managed technology services that can be combined to form a comprehensive technology service.


Data Centre Management

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small company the complexities of managing your data centres can place a massive overhead on your resources both in terms of staff and cost. The Exagenica Managed Data Centre Service consists of a comprehensive data centre management solution which can be tailored to meet your individual technology requirements. Via our managed data centre service, organisations can delegate ownership of their existing data centres to Exagenica or relocate their current technology estate to an Exagenica certified geographically redundant data centre pairing. We also give clients the option of leveraging our comprehensive infrastructure across Exagenica's geographically redundant data centres which can be configured to their specification. Our data centre management services can be scaled according to the needs of the client and include all infrastructure services within the data centre ranging from build and configuration through to automation, monitoring and support.

Network Management

A company's network infrastructure plays such an important part in the availability and performance of the technology its workforce uses. Devices across your organisation all rely on the network to communicate and without this technological linchpin services cease and business processes fail. Complex networks require specialist expertise to support and manage while the costs involved in meeting the network requirements of an organisation can be exhaustive. The Exagenica Managed Network Service consists of the 'end to end' management of your network infrastructure and all its constituent devices. Companies who have an existing network infrastructure can delegate its complete management and support via our managed network service. Exagenica also possesses a robust and powerful network infrastructure that companies can take advantage of through our managed service.

Enterprise Monitoring

Enterprise monitoring is an area that so many organisations fail to cover effectively and which all too often leads to considerable business loss as a result of ineffective monitoring. The monitoring of IT systems and batch processes can be so important in the successful operation of a company and requires expert configuration and support to cope with the diverse platforms and architectures that comprise an enterprise infrastructure. The Exagenica Managed Monitoring service enables enterprises to delegate the management of their monitoring requirements to a team of Exagenica monitoring specialists. Monitoring is the first area to be addressed if you want to provide a reliable technology service to your business. Exagenica realises the importance of getting this right and so can help any size company in the design, build and configuration of a world class solution.

Desktop Management

Desktops, laptops and mobile devices are the modern day tools that employees use to carry out their day to day responsibilities. When these devices fail, it can dramatically impact the productivity of staff and impair them in their duties until the problem is resolved. An organisations desktop estate requires a specialist level of care both technically and from a customer service perspective. The Exagenica Desktop Management Service consists of the complete management of an organisations desktop, laptop and mobile device estate. Our team of desktop and mobile device experts is able to embed on site with clients using our service and manage their desktop function in its entirety from build and configuration through to administration and support.


In recent years cloud computing has increased in popularity with organisations drawn to its adoption by the potential costs savings, location independence and the relative lack of management that is required. Exagenica offers a managed application service for those organisations looking to take advantage of the minimal capital outlay required to perform core business functions such as communication, sales and marketing and enterprise resource planning.

Private Cloud

The exagenica managed cloud solution delivers instant productivity for end users through a suite functionally rich, integrated and secure cloud based application services for enterprises. Our managed application services are comprised of best-in-class business applications and industry leading platform technologies managed by experts with extensive experience of cloud delivery. Our cloud based application suite currently consists of the following applications:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365 Suite
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Project

We are currently expanding our portfolio of cloud based applications and as compatibility improves with proprietary software we expect this service offering to increase significantly.

Public Cloud

Designing and building a cloud environment is a complex task which requires the correct expertise and experience to deliver applications with the degree of scalability, performance and security required for an enterprise. Exagenica cloud services can help you design and build a private cloud solution which achieves your desired technology objectives while maximises your return technology on investment. Our team of specialists have extensive experience in enabling companies to unlock the power of a private cloud solution using established methodologies and architectures to build and deploy them.

Exagenica successfully manages the technology of enterprises across a wide range of industries and markets each with their own specialist technology needs. If you are considering transitioning your IT infrastructure to a managed service model, Exagenica can assist you in deciding whether or not it is the right choice for your organisation.