Why Exagenica

Reducing the complexity of technology procurement.

Extensive experience in meeting the technology procurement needs of organisations across a wide range of markets and industries.

Whether you are a large scale global enterprise or a small business with intermittent technology needs we have you covered. We understand that businesses prefer to delegate the technology procurement function to an expert service provider so that they can concentrate on their core business while still getting value for money. Our team of technology procurement experts provide our clients with consultation throughout the procurement process recommending only the most appropriate solutions while managing the logistics of their delivery needs. Each member of the Exagenica procurement team is a technology expert well versed in the complexities of licensing and commercial agreements so that clients needs are met and rights as consumers protected. Where commercial agreements are necessary we also negotiate the best terms of our clients removing what can often be a complex administrative burden from the equation.

At Exagenica we actively maintain an extensive portfolio of supplier relationships so that we can seek out the most cost effective deal for our customers. Our ability to purchase direct from vendors means that our clients get maximum value for money when purchasing IT assets via our procurement service. For those clients looking to delegate the management of technology assets over the course of their lifecycle we also offer asset management, recycling and disposal services.



I need someone to recommend the best solutions.

We consult with clients on their needs and recommend the best technology options.

I want maximum value for money.

Exagenica uses its buying power and vendor relationships to maximise value for money.

I need hardware to be built and configured before it is delivered.

Our portfolio of services includes build and configuration management prior to delivery.

I would like someone to manage my technology assets across their lifecycle.

We offer clients a recycling and disposal service.

I need assistance in disposing of hardware in a secure and compliant way.

Clients can utilise Exagenica support functions while the transition occurs

I want a swap-out replacement service for faulty hardware.

Clients benefit from our management of faulty hardware meaning the logistics are taken care of.