Communication and technology are almost synonymous, with an estimated 70% of all communication now being facilitated by some form of technology.

The world is becoming increasingly connected with technology literacy now higher than ever as networks, devices and content converge to become a bigger part of our daily lives. Beyond simply talking on the telephone the communications industry has evolved significantly in recent years. The internet has not only become an important part of the communications industry but the product and service offerings that leverage it have also increased exponentially.

The communications industry is a complex mix of product and service providers all competing to secure and retain the immense number of personal and business customers that make up the marketplace. Technology is the backbone of the communications industry and communications service providers are continually looking towards technological advancements to not only offer new services but transform their operational environments and stay ahead of the competition. Remaining competitive in such a competitive marketplace is an extremely difficult challenge that requires the correct strategy mix leveraging technology to increase operational efficiencies, drive growth and promote customer loyalty. Exagenica communications solutions support companies in their pursuit of communication service excellence by optimising business processes and deploying the most relevant technologies to ensure they rise to the challenges of the marketplace.

Operational Excellence

In a world where customers depend heavily on communications for both business and in their personal lives the quality of service provided by communications companies is of great importance. Outages and network failures can result in customers moving to more reliable competitors for their service. However maintaining a premium service requires continual investment ramping up your operating costs. These costs can’t simply be passed to the customer when there is so much competition in the marketplace meaning your profit margins become diminished. Few companies can afford to absorb the higher costs of providing an exceptional service without streamlining their operations to achieve both a competitive service and competitive price. By partnering with Exagenica communications companies can take advantage of our deep industry experience and global capabilities to ensure operational excellence is achieved economically.

Building Service Loyalty

The relatively high number of competing communications service providers compared to other marketplaces and the ease in which customers can move their custom makes service loyalty and customer retention extremely challenging for companies. To be successful as a provider, you must go the extra mile to improve your relationship with customers and find innovative new ways beyond providing a good service to encourage customers to stay with you. Winning the battle for customers starts very much with retaining them and must go beyond providing a competitive service. Communications companies must take advantage of the veritable treasure trove of data they hold at their fingertips and use that insight to improve the relationship they have with their customers. Exagenica consulting is showing telecommunications companies how to build service loyalty by utilising the data assets that they possess more effectively through the use of technology.