Core Values

INTEGRITY [in•teg•ri•ty]


1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished:

Our values define us as an organisation.

We place great importance on employing people who share our values and ensuring those values are demonstrated consistently in every interaction.

Like any culture, it is its shared belief system that determines its identity and behaviour. Exagenica is no different and we have taken what we feel is an important step in defining our core organisational values, so that our clients and partners have a greater insight into our mindset. We place great importance in transparency and in communicating our core values - we believe we are able to further demonstrate this.

Our core values represent the foundation on which Exagenica conducts itself and they permeate across all levels of our company. It is these core values that define us as a technology provider and they play an integral part in the way in which we engage with our clients. We are committed as an organisation to our core values and it is through this commitment that we achieve success for our clients:

Requirement-Centric: We take the time to define and understand our clients' requirements so that we can meet them more comprehensively.
Simplification: Although technology is complex in nature we believe that the simplest approach is the most effective.
Quality over quantity: As an organisation Exagenica is committed to giving clients exactly what they need, no more and no less.
Investment in people: We are committed to selecting, retaining and developing the most brilliant and innovative people to engage with our clients.
Responsibility: All members of the Exagenica team are encouraged to take ownership and be responsible in their roles.
Think Laterally: We have instilled in all of our employees the belief that every problem has a solution and that this solution can be identified through ingenuity and resourcefulness.
Transparency: Open and honest communication underpins everything we do as a solution provider. We go to great lengths to demonstrate transparency and treat clients fairly.


In corporate dynamics, an enterprise or organisation is moving at Technological Velocity if its performance level is constant, restrained only by forces exerted by non-technological influences. Technological Velocity is achieved when the technology that a company leverages is considered optimal compared to that which is available in the marketplace.

Optimal application and use of technology facilitates potentially maximal performance for a company in its respective field, with said potential then only limited by non-technological factors. Technological Velocity can only be increased and better organisational performance attained by addressing the non-technological factors which are exerting a restraining force on operations.

As a specialist provider of technology solutions, exagenica works closely with each of its clients to help them achieve TECH-VELOCITY and facilitate maximal organisational performance. We place great emphasis on the formulation and implementation of comprehensive technological solutions which allow enterprises to focus on addressing the non-technological factors of the TECH-VELOCITY equation, achieving optimal performance.