Monitoring should prevent problems occurring.

Effective enterprise monitoring ensures technical issues are identified swiftly and any potential impact managed correctly.

System failures and faults can result in significant financial losses for organisations not to mention the reputational damage that may occur if incidents go unaddressed. Although such problems can be safeguarded against by architecturally making systems highly available and building in fault tolerance, there are limitations to how this can be done for each and every hardware component without incurring significant costs. Enterprise monitoring plays a key role in managing the uptime of your IT systems and ensuring that any technical incidents are dealt with in a timely fashion. Monitoring solutions act as a technological safety net for systems by supplementing any inbuilt fail-over or continuity capabilities with an early warning framework that alerts support staff of any failures or potential issues.

Most companies nowadays employ some form of monitoring solution within their data centres however their effectiveness all too often falls short resulting in significant system downtime. An organisations IT infrastructure particularly on an enterprise scale can consist of a myriad of different hardware components and technologies, all of which require continual monitoring to ensure a level of service consistent with business requirements. It is this technological diversity that makes monitoring an enterprise IT estate such a challenge which often requires the implementation of more than one monitoring toolset. Such toolsets can be very expensive to implement and also need to integrate with existing systems management platforms seamlessly to ensure operational conflicts do not occur, further complicating the challenge.

Implementing an effective monitoring solution is more involved than installing a monitoring toolset that fits architecturally. Each system, application or device that your IT infrastructure consists of requires a particular monitoring configuration to ensure that it all potential issues or events are reported to administrators correctly. These alerts also need to be backed up by skilled support staff who are guided by processes and procedures which enable them to react to alerts and address the underlying issues while meeting the service requirements of the user community.

Monitoring is an area of technology that is far too often overlooked and which requires a specialist skill set to ensure all systems are effectively monitored. Exagenica covers all aspects of enterprise monitoring for organisations looking for assistance in realising a monitoring solution that meets their operational needs comprehensively. Our team of skilled consultants provide services covering all aspects of enterprise monitoring ranging from design, installation and configuration through to problem and incident management framework development.