Natural Resources

"Our portfolio has been developed to leverage only the most relevant technologies, so that natural resource companies can gain a significant competitive edge"


In an environment where costs are rising, companies are increasingly faced with meeting increased demand while maintaining their profit margins.

The need to operate in remote locations thousands of miles away can also place significant demands on capital assets, human resources and the IT infrastructure that supports them. Virtually every aspect of operations from exploration right through to transportation and delivery depend on complex underlying technologies which can determine the success of a natural resource company. Exagenicas suite of services and solutions for natural resource companies have been formulated to address the complex business challenges faced by companies operating in this industry globally. Formulated after extensive consultation with industry leaders, our portfolio has been developed to leverage only the most relevant technologies so that natural resource companies can gain a significant competitive edge and maximise the profitability of their operations.

Enhanced Exploration and Extraction

In a world where resources are finite, the discovery of new natural deposits can make a massive difference to the profitability of a natural resource company. However the dangerous and costly process of natural resource exploration and extraction further complicated by declining profit margins means many companies in this industry have needed to adopt new technologies to rise to the challenge. Searching for and extracting raw materials in some of the harshest and most remote locations in the world requires a robust and powerful technology platform to facilitate your exploratory and mining operations in their entirety. Exagenica assists natural resource clients to build intelligent infrastructures which leverage integrated technologies to enable more effective identification of new resource deposits and expedite the extraction process.

Supply Chain and Logistics

The efficiency of a Natural Resource organisations supply chain and logistics infrastructure determines its ability to compete in the global marketplace. Speed to market and the costs associated with delivering commodities to end consumers are both important areas that can be optimized by employing the correct technologies. Exagenica has the expertise necessary to assist organisations in the optimisation of their supply chain and logistics networks to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum cost in transportation and delivery. We show our clients how to build efficient supply chains and speed the time to market of their products.

Optimised Global Operations

Companies operating in the natural resource industry need to function economically and proficiently on a global scale from discovery and extraction through to processing and distribution of the final product. Complex operational requirements involving everything from the maintenance of key production assets through to housing requirements for remote site workers provide a diverse mix of business challenges for natural resources companies. Our team of expert consultants are able to guide natural resource companies towards implementing and utilising the most appropriate toolsets and achieving a technology solution which comprehensively addresses both the extreme operational challenges and risks they face.