Our Partners

We have developed strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors globally to provide our clients with maximum choice in realising their digital ambitions.

Exagenica and Microsoft combine in partnership to offer companies solutions - both cloud and on-premise - spanning the breadth and depth of technology requirements. Leveraging the power of the Microsoft ecosystem Exagenica builds highly robust, scalable and efficient technology platforms on which leading organisations can depend.

Exagenica provides innovative, database driven solutions to complex challenges - powered by the Oracle technology suite. Our customers benefit from an integrated delivery strategy and diverse product portfolio. We design, build and implement, highly advanced Oracle based platforms for enterprises with even the most demanding technology needs.

Exagenica works with Cisco in collaboration to deliver highly available, network, converged infrastructure and cloud based solutions for enterprises, with demanding data performance requirements. Cisco's ever-increasing technology stack is an integral, feature-rich part of our clients' data centre ecosystems - driving their businesses forward. 

Virtualisation has transformed the way enterprises leverage technology. Exagenica works with VMware to design and build entirely virtualised environments - for clients whose requirements run the gambit of latency sensitivities - enabling optimal utilisation and cost effectiveness of underlying infrastructures.

Exagenica works in partnership with Citrix to deploy highly secure and resillient digital workspace platforms - providing distributed workforces with a unified end-user experience. Citrix is trusted by more than 100 million users across 400,000 organisations globally, including 99% of Fortune 500 companies. 

Lenovo hardware is trusted by milliions of customers globally and their portfolio includes one of the broadest ranges of connected devices, from smartphones to the data center. Exagenica provides its clients with access to the full suite of innovative technology solutions offered by Lenovo.

Exagenica and IBM collaborate to build smarter technology architectures. Leveraging IBM’s smart approach to computing, machine learning and optimized applications, we realise innovative, infrastructure and platform solutions which provide our clients with a competitive edge in their marketplaces.

Exagenica and Hewlett Packard Enterprise collaboratively provide organisations with the ability to accelerate platform outcomes, maximising the security, availability and performance of their data while minimising the cost of technology ownership - whether it be a cloud deployment, on-premise or both.

Exagenica and BMC Software provide joint solutions for clients who require the complex direction of their technology to tackle business challenges in the areas of service management, automation, operations and the mainframe. BMC is trusted by 92 of the Forbes Global 100 list of companies.