The Exagenica Difference

"We place great importance on ingenuity and lateral thought, challenging each and every member of the Exagenica team to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. "

More than just an IT company.

We operate beyond the confines of traditional IT to provide clients with innovative, comprehensive solutions to the challenges they face.

Since its inception Exagenica has aspired to be an innovative provider of world class solutions transforming our clients businesses through technology. Our objective as an organisation is and always will be to achieve this on a global scale for clients operating across all industries and markets. Exagenica prides itself on providing its clients with technological solutions and services which not only add value to their businesses, but also realise tangible and demonstrable benefits. We believe that any investment in technology should achieve measurable returns for enterprises and it is this mindset that distinguishes us in the marketplace. With over 20 years experience in high technology provision we have helped countless enterprises to change and in some cases revolutionise the way in which they do business using the vehicle of modern technology.

Commitment to Innovation

Exagenica is committed to innovation in the field of technology and it is this dedication to excellence that empowers our clients in achieving their goals. Our technical experts invest significant amounts of time in discovering and mastering new technologies in a lab environment so that they are better able to develop innovative solutions for our clients. We place great importance on ingenuity and lateral thought and we challenge each and every member of the Exagenica team to use their technical expertise to construct and deliver innovative solutions for our clients. Problems are meant to be solved and we have instilled this mindset throughout our consultancy, so that we not only meet the needs of our clients - but we surpass them. You will often hear our people saying "How hard can this be".

Qualitative Approach

Technology plays such an important role in the operations of any modern day business and it is for this reason that quality is so integral to its provision. Simply having a functional technology infrastructure to leverage as an enterprise is no longer enough. Solutions must be of the highest quality and must allow a company to compete in their market place on every level. Exagenica's qualitative approach to technology provision allows our clients to concentrate on their core business models safe in the knowledge that their technology needs are covered comprehensively. Our delivery and service methodologies have been carefully formulated to ensure that the provision of technology solutions and services is undertaken in a thorough and detailed manner by our team. Through a methodical and careful approach we are able to deliver as an organisation the technology needed by our clients to not only compete but become leaders in their market.

Client Focus

Each of Exagenicas technology offerings is requirement-driven by nature. We place great importance on understanding and defining the needs of each of our clients and using them as the focal point for delivery. It is our pragmatism and flexibility that enables us to systematically meet the needs of our clients time after time. We are not happy with simply meeting the core needs of our clients but exceeding them. Exagenica is committed to addressing each and every technology challenge that our clients are faced with in the solutions we deliver and the services we provide. Our consultants and technical team pride themselves on the ability to understand client requirements accurately and then use these requirements to drive engagements objectively and accurately.


Exagenica works closely with its clients through our Velocity program to develop our service offerings around their technology requirements. We understand that businesses evolve and market places change continually and it is through collaboration Exagenica is able to provide relevant, customised technology services which power our customers towards their business goals. We work closely with our clients and technology partners to refine our service and solution offerings, and to bring new offerings to market in response to changes in dynamics. Exagenica is dedicated to maximising the value of our client's technology investment and the Velocity program provides a means for our customers to gain access to a wider range of technical resources and benefits.