Public Sector

"The development of industry specific applications have dramatically improved both public sector capabilities and the end-user experience for citizens"


Whether it be the provision of social services, taxation, defence or policing, government is an extremely challenging sector to operate in.

Funded by the people, governments are expected to provide the public with not only a plethora of quality services but they also demand those services in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Independent silos of government agencies, each with their own purposes and operational mandates are together under continual pressure to collectively improve the lives of their citizens in a cohesive yet economical way. Yet historically the achievement of such an integrated and comprehensive provision of public services has been obstructed by inefficient operational models, outdated technologies and poor inter-agency communication.

Traditionally areas like defence and police force have been early adopters of technology. However the more general public sector agencies are now increasingly looking towards technology to overcome the challenges of modern public sector service provision. The uptake of computers and mobile devices has enabled government departments to ‘online’ their services improving the efficiency of everything from paying taxes to applying for social support, effectively forming an electronic government. Recognising the realities of public budgets, Exagenica is a leader in the provision of technology services and solutions for public sector agencies.

Electronic Government

Citizens, elected officials and the private sector put a lot of political pressure on the public sector to become more efficient and accountable and the most noticeable trend in their attempts to achieve those objectives is the recent uptake in technology. Governments around the world are modernizing their operations in an effort to become more service orientated, responsive and cost effective. Forming coherent IT strategies and replacing legacy systems with more modern technological solutions is enabling the public sector to enhance the services they offer and work more collaboratively. Exagenica can provide national and local governments with the necessary technological solutions to form electronic governments that not only operate more economically but which provide citizens with a more responsive service experience.

Defence On All Fronts

In a world where threats to national security have changed significantly due to the increase in global terrorism, military organisations are under extreme pressure to cope with all manner of threats proactively. Internationally and domestically the different agencies that form the military need not only to operate in unified manner but to execute operations and respond to threats more effectively. Traditionally an early adopter of technologies defense departments and agencies are continually transforming themselves and the way that they function through technology. As a government operation however the limitations of public budgets still requires cost efficiencies and the need to do more with fewer resources. Exagenica is an experienced provider of technology services to military organisations helping defence stakeholders to utilise integrated solutions to achieve their defence mandates.

Effective Taxation

Management of taxation and revenue has traditionally been a manual operation with an extensive dependence on skilled human resources to ensure compliance and collect the applicable revenues. Technology has certainly changed that in recent years with government agencies transforming their operations to more electronic models which provide them with an integrated and more effective platform. The development of industry specific applications have dramatically improved everything from registration, returns processing and taxpayer accounting to case management and collections. Exagenica offers enterprise services and solutions for taxation and revenue collection agencies looking to improve their operations through technology.