Application Development

Unleashing the potential of custom built applications.

Bespoke applications have become more and more complex as organisations have become increasingly aware of the technological possibilities.

Our structured approach to requirements gathering and planning harmonizes perfectly with our agile development environment, which enables us to deliver ground breaking applications for clients time after time. Rather than purchasing 'off the shelf' software, many enterprises are now opting to develop bespoke applications that perform specific functions and operations that they need to take advantage of market opportunities, improve business processes or to get ahead of their competition in the marketplace. At Exagenica we recognise that engaging a third party application developer can be a challenging experience which all too often results in increased costs, slow time to market or an inferior product. Whether it is a bespoke application you need developed to your own specification or an improvement to an existing application technology, Exagenica has the expertise to help you realise it efficiently and cost effectively.

The Exagenica development team are skilfully versed in creating feature-rich, robust applications, regardless of the desired architectural platform, technology or device. We offer a custom development service for both Web and Multi-Tier applications that covers the full development lifecycle commencing with requirements definition and design right through to development, testing and deployment. Our belief in the importance of defining requirements accurately before beginning an application initiative has enabled us to successfully develop business critical applications for clients across a broad range of industries. In agreeing application requirements upfront with our clients we are able to leverage our pool of experienced application developers to deliver to a fixed schedule and price. This is something that very few consultancies are able to achieve successfully in the current marketplace.

Exagenica's years of experience in high technology provision also means that we understand markets change on a daily basis and so do application requirements. We employ an adaptive approach to development based on Agile methodologies which enables the application to evolve with the clients requirements and to deliver a superior product with minimal impact to budget or schedule.