Flexibility during the insourcing transition.

An insourcing service offering for organisations who have decided to bring their entire IT infrastructure and operations back in-house.

Our insourcing service has been structured to provide companies with flexibility in how they engage with Exagenica during their Insourcing initiative. We give clients the option of delegating the end to end management of the Insourcing transition to Exagenica or engaging with us to assist them in completing specific components of their insourcing programme. Our technical specialists are also available to supplement in-house resources as required in managing your insourcing transition.

Appropriateness Assessment

For those clients looking for assistance in undertaking a appropriateness study to determine whether or not insourcing is a suitable option our team of experts are able to participate in the definition of requirements and analysis of available insourcing options. The decision to insource is not one that should be made without undertaking the appropriate level of due diligence and assessment first and our consultants are available to provide your organisation with the benefit of their insourcing expertise.

End to End Management

Regardless of your technological requirements Exagenica offers its clients the ability to delegate their insourcing programme of work to our skilled team of insourcing specialists. We provide an end to end management service for enterprises who have made the decision to insource their technology and who wish to delegate the programme of work in its entirety to a specialist third party consultancy. We have extensive experience of transitioning back the ownership of technology to our clients end to end.


Getting your strategy right at the commencement of any insourcing programme is pivotal to its success and must provide the transition with an effective framework upon which to execute. To assist enterprises who have decided to return their technology in house we offer our clients the ability to leverage skilled technologists experienced in insourcing delivery to help them formulate and effective delivery strategy. Exagenica's insourcing consultants and architects undertake a thorough requirements definition in partnership with our clients to determine the most effective insourcing approach. Through accurate requirements definition we are able to define an insourcing strategy that will deliver the return of the desired technology components cost effectively and with minimal impact to live business operations.


The decision to insource often means new technology solutions must be constructed onto which services can then be migrated so as to host your business technology going forward. The fulfilment of such a requirement can necessitate a significant amount of technical resources whose time would ordinarily be required to support core business operations. Our team of skilled technical architects can take responsibility for formulating a comprehensive technical design for all new infrastructure components that will be required to support the insourced IT services once migrated. We invest considerable time in making sure that the architectural design meets all of the clients' technical requirements and that once built, will provide the desired level of performance, stability and security.


Build and Certification

Exagenica's team of subject matter experts build all newly required infrastructure according to the agreed architectural design. We subject all new components to an intensive suite of tests which certifies them as 'production ready' focusing on areas such as load, performance, availability, security and disaster recovery. To ensure maximum transparency and suitability, we conduct these tests in conjunction with our clients so that they have complete confidence prior to the migration phase.


The migration phase of any insourcing initiative is executed according to the migration strategy agreed at the start of the programme with our clients. We manage the migration of data, applications and any other services components to the new infrastructure we have built and certified in conjunction with the clients technical stakeholders. Migrations are undertaken to ensure minimal impact to live services making sure that the business operations have maximum uptime during the migration phase.


Insourcing generally requires changes to the existing support model and often the full transition of service ownership to an entirely new service desk. Beyond the potential pitfalls of technology migration the ongoing support of technology services remains a big challenge for companies who have elected to insource and responsibility and control in-house. To facilitate this transition more easily, Exagenica is can manage the development of the support function in partnership with the client to ensure services and end users are supported post migration. Depending on the requirement Exagenica will manage the creation of new service desks and support functions for clients as well as the transition of support to existing internal support staff.