Greenfield Programmes

Making the most of a blank canvass for you enterprise.

Greenfield programmes require the correct mix of strategy, design and execution to ensure quick time to market for new ventures.

The term Greenfield is used to describe projects, programmes or ventures which are not constrained by prior work or the need to rework existing structures and technologies. Enterprises undertake Greenfield programmes of work when starting a new company or when a parent company attempts a new venture in a foreign country by constructing new operational facilities from scratch. Both an increase in emerging markets and technological innovation in recent years have meant that Greenfield start-ups have become more common place. As this trend continues, companies will continue to look to capitalise on changes in operational barriers and the organic creation of new marketplaces by establishing new entities to meet new consumer demands.

Establishing a new company from the ground up or extending an existing operation to include a new or foreign marketplace comes with its own complex set of challenges both operationally and technologically. Greenfield initiatives in a technology sense represent an opportunity to build a robust, agile and innovative infrastructure which gives organisations a competitive advantage in their new marketplace and which also facilitates future growth and expansion. However Greenfield programmes are often time pressured and driven by the need to get to market quickly and start generating revenue streams.

To ensure longevity in their endeavour companies must capitalise on the unusual opportunity that the freedom of a greenfield presents them with by building their infrastructure correctly first time. Exagenica has developed its Greenfield consulting service offering to assist organisations in tackling the technological complexities of a Greenfield initiative. Through our Greenfield strategy and design services, we are helping organizations construct their IT environment correctly first time forming a robust and flexible technology platform from which to launch their new venture.