Premium hardware, complete security and maximum availability for a fraction of the cost. Questions?

The Exaganica suite of managed technology services has been developed to allow our clients to concentrate on their core business.

We are of the mindset that to be a successful organisation in any market or industry you need to be able to leverage a robust, secure, scalable and consistently well performing technology infrastructure. As a specialist technology provider we place great importance in achieving absolute confidence from our clients in meeting their technology requirements through our managed technology services. Exagenica clients can focus on making strategic business decisions, knowing confidently that their underlying technology needs are in the hands of experts.


The delegation of your technology need not mean being lumbered with an inflexible managed service that leaves your organisation hamstrung against its competitors. We understand that the needs and objectives of each organisation are different when delegating their technology provision to a third party solutions provider. Exagenicas' managed technology offering is comprised of a suite of managed services which cover the depth and breadth of enterprise technology requirements for all industries and marketplaces. In conjunction with our premium solution partners we have carefully constructed our managed technology portfolio to give CIO's and technology decisions makers' maximum flexibility in how their technology is delivered.

In recognition that one size rarely fits all, we offer our clients the ability to own the underlying infrastructure that we manage for them as well as the option of leveraging our own technology infrastructure to meet their technology needs. By offering our managed technologies services with such flexibility companies can tailor the way in which they delegate the management of their technology provision to achieve maximum performance and cost effectiveness. The ability to retain partial ownership of technology assets also benefits companies by allowing them to build a managed service model which ensures scalability and grows with the organisation over time.

As a vendor agnostic provider of managed technology services with a broad portfolio of technology partnerships we are also able to provide our clients with a managed service which utilise only the most appropriate solutions for our clients' requirements. In contrast to some of our competitors we believe in a customised approach to managed services which leverages a wider range of technologies according to their suitability profile and not the strength of our partner relationships. In doing so our clients access all of the technologies they need to flourish in their respective marketplaces and remain industry leaders.


Exagenicas' managed service technology is comprised of all the necessary IT hardware components that a modern and successful organisation would require. As a provider of specialist managed services we have gone to great lengths to construct a technology infrastructure comprised of a diverse range of industry leading technologies and each has been optimised for maximum performance, availability, security and scalability. Regardless of their size, our managed technology clients are provided with access to premium technology at a fraction of the cost that it would take to procure and manage themselves, allowing them to leverage technology which has traditionally been the domain of only larger enterprises.


Our technology experts are of the belief that in today's environment service outages are completely unnecessary and we have designed every component in our managed technology services to reflect this ethos. Exagenica managed technology services leverage geographically dispersed data centres with data and application mirroring across sites to ensure 99% uptime which is also backed by a financial guarantee. We understand that any outage no matter how small can dramatically impact the business of our clients and all aspects of our technology infrastructure have been built with this important fact in mind.


One of the many benefits of engaging a managed technology service is the ability to scale your technology dynamically with the needs of your company. All of our managed technology services are fully scalable to the client's requirements meaning that your systems can be grown along with your organisation. Individual technologies are also highly customisable and if necessary replaceable should your business requirements change at any point in the future.

Control of Technology Assets

The Exagenica suite of managed services are formulated to enable clients to retain ownership and control of all the IT assets involved should they wish to do so. Whether you wish to retain ownership of the hardware or the application licences you utilise we are able to structure our managed technology services so that you are able to do so. Many of our clients find this option extremely beneficial in enabling them to achieve the cost and performance objectives of their managed technology beyond a traditional private cloud arrangement.


When selecting a managed technology service provider it is integral to engage one whose infrastructure comprehensively addresses your corporate security concerns and protects the confidentiality and integrity of your organisations computing resources and data. The external world is filled with constant operational threats to your technology and any breaches no matter how small can be catastrophic for enterprises both financially and in terms of reputation.

We understand that security and privacy are often cited as barriers for organisations to delegate their technology provision to a third party and our security experts have worked extensively to build solutions of the highest security standard. Whether it be through one of our cloud computing offerings or delegating the management of your own infrastructure to Exagenica each service is guaranteed as completely secure and backed by demonstrable penetration testing.

Clients leveraging Exagenicas' managed technology services can rest assured that all aspects of our technology are completely secure. All of our support staff undergo thorough background checks before commencing as a member of the Exagenica Managed Technology team. Every constituent part of our service is secured using industry standard best practices, which include the standard Intrusion Detection Systems, Firewalls and Application Level Authentication.

Data Ownership

Handing over your data to a third party technologist need not prevent you from unlocking the power of a managed technology arrangement its benefits for your organisation. Exagenica recognises that company data is extremely sensitive and the clients who utilise our managed technology services retain complete ownership and control of their company data. Regardless of the assets you own within your managed service agreement as a client, your data is yours and you have full and complete control over it. Our managed technology clients benefit from having complete access to any aspect of their data secured to the highest possible standard against all modern day threats.


Delegating your technology to a third party need not mean degradation in service for your organisation. Managed service arrangements should add value to your enterprise by continuing to provide a high level of service and support more cost effectively. Exagenica works in partnership with its clients to establish customised support functions and processes which add the necessary value to their technology provision. All of Exagenicas' managed service offerings are supported by a skilled team of technical specialists who monitor and manage the underlying technology infrastructure 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year. Experts in their respective fields our support resources provide comprehensive support service for our clients and their technology needs. Via our support call centre clients are able to make changes dynamically to their technology services and get assistance with any technical issues they may encounter.

Collaborative Assessment

The decision to engage with a third party via a managed technology service can be a complicated one which requires a thorough assessment of all the available options. Such assessments often require considerable company resources which can directly impact other core business functions. To minimise this complexity and potential business impact we are able to provide consultants who will assist you in making a decision on whether or not managed technology services are right for your company. Our skilled consultants can supplement your existing technology resources and assist in the formulation of an impartial assessment for key decision makers to review service viability.