Why Exagenica

Insourcing is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Exagenica has developed its insourcing service to meet increasing demand from organisations unhappy with outsourcing as a medium.

As a leader in the provision of Insourcing services, Exagenica has the skills and experience to help your organisation traverse the complex labyrinth of change that is any insourcing programme. To help you better your current technology services and facilitate future growth. Our consultants can assist you in assessing whether or not you will benefit from insourcing any of your currently outsourced technology services and formulate a plan for achieving them. We have helped many clients across a wide range of markets determine whether or not insourcing is an effective option and being engaged this early in the process we are also able to build a solid platform for the insourcing programme should it need to be executed.

Exagenica's insourcing team consists of specialists who are able to cover all areas of an insourcing programme from technical architects and project managers through to subject matter experts, business analysts and programmers. Regardless of your technological complexity or time constraints Exagenica can help your organisation achieve insourcing success and take control of your enterprises technology.



I need assistance in determining whether Insourcing is an appropriate option

We provide clients with guidance in assessing the viability of insourcing

I want to delegate the insourcing programme in its entirety

We offer clients the ability to delegate the end to end management of their insourcing transition

I want to retain ownership of the hardware but delegate its build and certification

Exagenica is able to offer technical specialists to supplement in-house resources as required

I want minimal impact to live services

Migrations are planned to minimise any impact to production services

I need to increase my support function to cover the insourced services

Clients can utilise Exagenica support functions while the transition occurs