Media & Entertainment

"We understand media and entertainment companies are under great pressure to stay abreast of new technologies and deliver innovative content to consumers"


The media and entertainment have always been driven by technology. From production of content right through to its delivery and interaction with viewers.

New developments in technology are transforming both the way that content is created and the way in which consumers access it meaning that whatever your focus, having the right technology strategy and infrastructure is paramount to your success. Consumers have never had such choice when it comes to their media experiences and the recent uptake in the use of the internet for content delivery means that media and entertainment are now more competitive marketplaces than ever. The relative low cost of technology has bought about a revolution whereby small broadcasters and production studios are now able to compete with even the biggest players in the industry with the right premise and business model. Monetising content has also become extremely difficult as new low cost distribution channels have caused more traditional channels with higher profit margins to fall by the way side.

Exagenica understands that companies operating in this industry are faced with great pressure to stay abreast of new technologies and deliver innovative content to consumers. Whether your medium is print, radio, television or film Exagenica has the technical expertise and experience necessary to help your organisation become a media success. Our portfolio of fully integrated technology solutions and services can help your organisation create innovative consumer experiences and achieve more profitable revenue streams.

Superior Content Production

In our digital age technology is the platform on which all content is developed in the media and entertainment industry with more and more content being completely computer generated. Sidelining human actors to a simple voice over part, extremely powerful production studios leveraging innovative technologies are enabling content producers to create award winning content quicker and more easily than ever. Exagenica is able to assist media and entertainment customers establish cutting edge content production platforms and realise the type of content that was once unimaginable for both static programs and time-critical programming such as news and sports.

Content Delivery

Technological advances have dramatically changed the way in which consumers choose to view the content they enjoy with traditional mediums like television being replaced by more interactive internet driven options. As more and more content is delivered digitally rather than being physically printed, media organisations are challenged with developing profitable business strategies while delivering optimized content to fragmented audiences on an expanding array of devices. Exagenica is helping broadcasters of all forms deliver their content using the most effective digital delivery strategies for their target market leveraging the most relevant technologies to maximise both exposure and return on investment.