Freight & Logistics


Freight & logistics is a competitive marketplace where companies compete on price, efficiency and customer service in the face of volatile economic factors.

For the freight and logistics customer, transportation is just transportation making the retention of customers a difficult challenge for companies. However executing freight and logistics services in reality is a complex operation where intricate supply chains co-ordinate the movement of customer’s valued freight using a multitude of different methods, stakeholders, mechanisms and intermediaries. All against the backdrop of varying international border controls, taxation requirements and language differences.

Freight and logistics industry players are persistent in their search for more efficient and intelligent ways of conducting their businesses so as to increase their profit margins and create value added services which maximise customer retention. Technology has become integral to achieving these objectives as a provider of freight and logistics services, revolutionising in recent times every aspect of your business from capacity planning to customer service and billing operations. Exagenica as a provider of industry leading technology solutions is helping freight and logistics companies to achieve operational efficiencies, bring down costs and increase visibility for their customers.

Optimising the Supply Chain

More and more freight and logistics companies are embracing new technology systems to effectively upgrade their supply chains achieving a higher level of performance for their customers. RFID applications, multi-enterprise visibility systems and human supply chain management tools are reshaping logistics networks and enabling companies to achieve greater cost savings and improved profitability. An integrated technological platform is integral to optimising your supply chain and aligning processes so that maximal capacity utilisation is achieved. Exagenica helps providers of freights and logistics services to design, build and implement the most effective supply chain solutions available ensuring success in a very competitive industry.

Maximising Customer Retention

Customer retention is of extreme importance in an industry where the ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors tangibly is more difficult than other industries. Customers have never been so informed nor have their expectations been greater. The particulars of moving freight or the logistical complexities of doing so are of little importance to the customer and nor should they be. Customers simply want to ensure that their freight is picked up, transported and delivered in the quickest, safest and cheapest possible way. Viewed as almost a commoditised service, freight and logistics companies must look at technological solutions to the challenge of differentiating themselves from their competitors and retaining customers. Exagenica leverages the most industry relevant technologies to assist its freight and logistics clients in retaining profitable clients, bringing new services to market rapidly and increasing market share.

Conquering Emerging Markets

Emerging markets and developing economies present growth opportunities for freight and logistics companies however the entry barriers are often high and return on investment often takes a considerable amount of time. Globalisation means that the world is increasingly getting smaller and more connected with new markets opening up every year in the furthest reaches of the globe. Emerging markets represent significant opportunities for business of all types including freight and logistics companies who operate as the transportation conduit between the old world and the new. Exagenica’s suite of services and technology solutions for freight and logistics companies assists them in entering new and emerging markets giving them maximum chance of success.