Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regulation is a constant challenge.

Enterprises of all sizes need efficient and intuitive solutions to cope with the intense burden of regulation without impacting shareholder value.

In recent years the level of regulation that companies face has increased considerably as governments all over the world, under pressure from their electorate, look to gain greater control over the industries that affect citizens directly and indirectly. Corporate responsibility is not a new concept, however the need to demonstrate responsible and sustainable business practices has now become a complex legal requirement which goes beyond the need to maintain good public relations. Businesses have never been as regulated as they are today and many expect this trend to continue as the public demands more from their governments and the companies they patronise each day.

Regulatory bodies are asking the companies that they oversee to comply with a greater level of regulation ranging from fiscal responsibility in the case of financial services organisations through to environmental compliance for manufacturers and natural resource companies. Those companies facing increased regulation are now confronted with the onerous challenge of managing the persistent risk and complex reporting requirements of their regulators. A complex challenge in a singular jurisdiction, multinational companies are required to meet their reporting commitments in each of the regulatory jurisdictions they operate in. Organisations are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the additional operation and fiscal strain that greater regulation is placing on them. It is no longer enough to focus on the multitude of operational priorities that each organisation faces organically but they must now grapple with the need to be fully compliant and find ways to offset the increased investment in simply having to do business in each of their marketplaces.

As an enterprise, complying with regulation requires making changes throughout your organization from the way you manage your daily operations to employee conduct and the products you offer to your customers. Such a considerable extension in your responsibilities can have an extremely negative effect on your profitability as core operational responsibilities become under-resourced and under-funded. Exagenica provides companies and organisations operating across a diverse range of industries with technological solutions and operational strategies to help them meet the increasing regulatory requirements they are being faced with. Calling on deep regulatory experience we show enterprises how to leverage the most effective technologies and implement best practice strategies to minimise the resource and financial burdens of regulation.