Our People

Our people are our most valuable resources.

Exagenica's success is directly attributed to the quality of our people and how they engage with our clients, at each and every interaction point.

The people that comprise Exagenica are considered to be its most important assets and we pride ourselves on engaging with only the best and brightest in their field. We regard our staff to either be elite in their respective technical fields or to have the potential to become a member of the elite. As an organisation we actively seek out exceptional people to join Exagenica and therefore are able to provide our clients with a superior service. We make a concerted effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every job within our organisation, regardless of the role or responsibilities involved. Each member of the Exagenica team is hand selected after going through an extensive interview process which focuses on the candidate's skills, experience and personal qualities ensuring they are a strong fit for our culture and the rigorous demands of our clients.

Client Focus

Exagenica's primary responsibility is very clear - To meet the needs of our clients consistently and comprehensively. We recognise that our reputation depends on our ability to meet all of our clients' requirements on every engagement we have with them. Each of our consultants possesses a strong client focus and conducts themselves in a highly requirement-centric manner. It is this focus which enables us to build long term partnerships with our customers and drive the success of their businesses through technology.

Attention to Detail

Quality is an area of our business that we place great emphasis on and our people have been selected for both their attention to detail and their ability to deliver a quality product consistently. Regardless of their area of expertise we challenge everyone at Exagenica to achieve excellence in everything they undertake and to deliver an exceptional service for our clients.

Persistent Innovation

Exagenica is continually challenged by the rapidly changing needs of its clients and it is for this reason we place such importance on the ability to think laterally. Creativity and innovation are traits that all our people demonstrate consistently for our customers in the solutions that they develop and the way that they are delivered. It is through ingenuity and imagination that we as a consultancy are able to overcome the complex technological challenges our clients face. It is through ingenuity and imagination that we as a consultancy are able to overcome the complex technological challenges our clients face.

Commitment to Excellence

In order to operate in the demanding environments that we do each and every one of our people needs to be committed to excellence. Dedication is integral to the way we operate as a company and our people are committed to being the best in all that they do. Our highly motivated consultants possess the drive it takes to deliver in pressurised environments without compromising on quality.


Although we are a technology company we do not want our people to be constrained by current technology limitations or thinking. Exagenica is an organisation with personality and it is something we feel should feature in everything we do. After all, it is our personalities that separate us as individuals and that is also what differentiates us as a consultancy. We place great importance on selecting people who are not only outstanding in their technical field, but who also have the personality and the communication skills to engage with our diverse client base.

The Benefit of Experience

At Exagenica we believe it is our collective experiences that empowers us as a consultancy and enables us to deliver better solutions for our clients. The Exagenica team consists of highly experienced subject matter experts who have operated in a broad range of industries ranging from Financial Services, Oil and Gas and Telecommunications through to Media Entertainment and Retail. Each of our consultants and technical specialists are extremely skilled practitioners whose depth and breadth of experience enable Exagenica to provide exceptional technical services to its clients cost effectively.