Distribution of information is integral.

Messaging architectures direct applications in a co-ordinated fashion to achieve complex, process driven functions using distributed systems.

Businesses in all industries have become increasingly reliant on the real-time flow of information between their systems and the execution of batch functions using diverse application architectures, often located geographically in different sites. Whether it’s accessing financial market data, tracking millions of shipments in real time or controlling manufacturing systems it is the effectiveness of your messaging middleware that determines your organisations ability to do so.

In today’s technologically dependent environment organisations need their distributed applications to communicate and perform complex functions in a harmonised manner. Enterprise messaging solutions enable disparate applications, systems and devices within an IT infrastructure to do exactly that by communicating ‘program to program’ over a messaging middleware layer. Leveraging a software messaging interface programs are able communicate asynchronous data messages which are sent by one program and then stored in a message queue by the receiving programs until they are able to process it. These asynchronous messages can consist of requests, reports or events that contain information which is processed by receiving applications and used to execute functions, co-ordinate systems or track the progress of batch operations.

The advent of technologies like J2EE and web services has given organisations greater choice in using messaging to integrate systems and drive the complex business processes that enables them to stay ahead of the competition. Although messaging technologies have improved considerably in recent years it is the diversity of your IT infrastructure that complicates the achievement of integrating your systems to the level you require. An effective messaging solution necessitates a standards based platform which enables differing IT assets and technologies to converse across a common enterprise backbone. Your organisations messaging platform must not only be robust but it should also be able to handle the event-driven distribution of information in a way that is consistent, reliable, and scalable.

Exagenica has extensive experience in helping organisations of all sizes leverage the power of messaging technologies to connect the architectural components that drive their businesses. Our team of expert consultants have delivered enterprise messaging solutions for companies operating across a diverse range of industries, all with unique operational requirements.