Change Programmes

Technical transformation requires specialist expertise.

In business, the only constant CIO's are faced with is change. To be successful in any industry, agility and adaptability are extremely important.

In a competitive marketplace having a static or lethargic business model gifts your competitors with an opportunity to expand their operations at a cost to yours. Companies must regularly reinvent themselves in response to changing market dynamics and set about making changes to their structure and the way that they operate in order to achieve longevity. Often the level of reinvention required goes beyond the need to make small refinements to your enterprise and instead requires the something considerably more substantial and complex in order to realise your businesses objectives.

Mergers, acquisitions, separations and restructurings are all common place occurrences in modern business as organisations look to achieve competitive advantages, greater market share, lower operating costs and increased shareholder value. In a world where enterprises and businesses are increasingly dependent on technology the need to make operational or structural changes generally necessitates that changes are also made to the technological infrastructure that supports them.

Large scale technology change programmes regardless of their form or purpose are naturally complex in structure often challenged by not only the underpinning technologies involved but by tight timescales, multiple geographical locations, language barriers, cultural differences, regulatory requirements and shareholder value to name a few. Such large scale change initiatives also place a significant amount of stress on human resources who are called upon to support the requirements of the change programme in addition to their normal operational duties. While reallocation of core resources can facilitate the major change at hand it also thins the operating capabilities of an enterprise diluting normal operations for the duration of the change programme.

Managing the technology requirements of large scale change programmes require a comprehensive technical expertise as well as industry proven management and delivery experience to ensure the changes are implemented successfully and on time. Exagenica’s change programme consulting services have been developed to assist enterprises of all sizes in making critical technology changes to their organisation without impacting their operational activities. Our consultants have extensive expertise in virtually all technology areas and industries and are a well accustomed to operating in time pressured environments. We offer our clients a comprehensive consulting service which encompasses all aspects of technology change delivery ranging from end to end programme management to supplementing in-house resources in areas like strategy, architecture and infrastructure. Using time time-tested methodologies Exagenica can help you execute the technology changes that will allow your organisation to remain an industry leader.