Exagenica is working towards a future where the human condition is empowered by technology. Here are but a few challenges that we are currently taking the lead on in the quest to Realise The Future.

At the beginning of 2014 the earth's population was estimated to be approximately 7.3 billion people. According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, the world's population is expected to grow by around 74 million people per year (net). Estimating that by the year 2050, the world population will have reached 9 billion people. That's a staggering 28% more people living on this earth than there are today. Most of that growth is expected to occur in less developed regions of the world. Where in contrast to developed countries, access to basic resources like food and water is already extremely limited. Exagenica is working on addressing the problem of global resource inequality by developing technological solutions. Which mean current geographical, political and socio-economic limitations will one day no longer be an issue.

Content rich media is still relatively new offering for consumers of movies and television series. The advent of internet content delivery and increasing popularity of viewing productions on devices like laptops and smart phones, has opened the door for greater interactivity. Though consumer interaction still remains quite rudimentary in both the delivery and creation of content senses. Operational and revenue models have also remained relatively unchanged for some time. Though free content provision has increased significantly - mostly in response to content piracy. Exagenica is working on the development of a hyperactive, media casting technology which could transform traditional content, production, operational and revenue generation models.

While the industrial activities of many businesses directly and adversely affect the environment. Others are purposely prevented from causing damage by important safety devices, mechanisms and procedures. When these key safety measures fail environmental catastrophes have the potential to occur. Often resulting in both significant environmental damage and cost, for any of the companies or organisations involved. Exagenica is actively developing safeguard technologies for application in a number of important, modern industrial operations. Particularly where companies risk causing environmental damage in their day to day business activities.

The modern supply chain comprises interactions between suppliers, businesses and their customers. Commencing with the delivery of raw materials for manufacturing upstream before moving goods downstream towards the consumer and then back again - as the products and waste are recycled. The advent of online shopping and its increasing popularity now sees billions of packages delivered to the consumer's door every day. Many of which have travelled significant distances by sea and air first. The carbon footprint associated with transporting even the smallest quantity of goods or raw materials is considerable. However we believe with the right technological innovations this need not be the case. Exagenica is working on achieving fully sustainable supply chains. Where beyond lowering carbon emissions, the supply chain is re-engineered structurally and technologically. To achieve a logistical solution which is fully sustainable. Across the entirety of the chain from start to finish.

As the impact of global climate change becomes more apparent by the day, so too does the need for nations to move away from high carbon energy sources like oil and coal. In an accelerated, cohesive fashion. The continual innovation and very recent advancements in solar and wind energy technologies is bringing us closer to that reality. Though much ground still needs to be covered. A world where we are no longer dependent on fossil fuels seems unfortunately some way off and much work is still to be done. As renewable sources with significant potential, both wave and tidal energy technologies are of particular interest to Exagenica. We are currently working on developing multi-faceted renewable energy solutions in this technical area. To help decarbonise energy supply, increase energy security and reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Modern technology has become invaluable in the fight against illegal logging and in protecting many endangered species which currently face extinction. Illegal poaching of animals remains an increasing global problem and large swathes of the Amazon continue to disappear daily to the unscrupulous. Challenged with patrolling vast areas of wilderness with limited resources, environmental protection groups are increasingly turning to technological solutions. In support of mother nature. Technology is playing an increasing part in addressing problems like illegal deforestation and mining. It's also helping conservationists to win the fight against wildlife crime and re-invigorate the populations of many endangered species. We work in conjunction with conservation organisations on developing new applications for technology. Focusing on nature impacting problems like illegal animal poaching, trafficking and deforestation.